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The Cambridge Stoics is a Meet-up event that I started to organise in January 2019.

Cambridge Stoics

Cambridge, GB
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This meet-up hopes to gather people who interested in the study and, above all, the practice of Stoic philosophy in the day-to-day life.Stoicism has been for centuries one of…

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Wednesday, Nov 13, 2019, 7:30 PM
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This meeting hopes to interest you in the study and the practice of Stoic philosophy

For centuries Stoicism has been one of the most successful and influential schools of thought, spreading initially through every sector of Roman/Greek society and now experiencing a rebirth in the modern age but with the same goals, some 23 centuries later.

Philosophy is often considered to be a series of complex conversions about abstract topics. However on the contrary you will find that the ancient philosophy of Stoicism addresses vital questions relating to your life, primarily: How can I live a life worthy of living? How can I become a good person (‘arete’ in Greek)? How can I be happy (‘eudaemonia’)?

In English, the term “stoic” has often been associated with the idea of a person who is emotionless, robotic (a sort of “Spock”), or even “a lonely cow under the rain in the dark”!

However, a Stoic (capitol S) is nothing like this. They are a person who pursues moral growth, to cultivate ‘virtues’ and practical wisdom.

The Cambridge Stoics meet-up is open to everyone and it is intended to be a discussion about the daily practice of Stoicism using ancient and modern text as a source of inspiration, you don’t need any prior knowledge of Stoicism.

To have a better understanding of Stoic philosophy, have a look at the following videos (

Or the following books (

All of these texts are part of the public domain and freely available ( ), other recommended books are listed here.

“Cambridge Stoics” is part of the Stoic Fellowship (, an international community whose aim is to foster the knowledge and practice of Stoicism through on-line and in-person activities throughout the world.

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John Sellars

Hi Mattia,
I’m organizing a Stoicon-x event in London on Saturday 12th October, once again in Senate House (location of Stoicon 2018 and Stoicon-x 2017). Everything is to be confirmed but I’d like to spread the message and if you or any of your group would like to be involved, please do get in touch.