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The Cambridge Stoics is a Meet-up event that I started to organise in January 2019.

Cambridge Stoics

Cambridge, GB
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This meet-up hopes to gather people who interested in the study and, above all, the practice of Stoic philosophy in the day-to-day life.Stoicism has been for centuries one of…

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Wednesday, Nov 13, 2019, 7:30 PM
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It is open to everybody who is interested in the practice of Stoicism in  day to day life.

The meet-ups are intended to be a discussion about the daily practice of Stoicism. During the meetings we use  ancient texts like Senaca’s and Epictetus’ side by side with modern ones like D. Robertson’s as a source of inspiration for our conversations.

Stoicism has been for centuries one of the most successful and influential schools of thought, spanning every class of the Roman/Greek society. It is now having a rebirth in the modern day with the same goals of 23 centuries ago.

Nowadays we are inclined to consider philosophy as a series of complex conversions about abstract topics. On the contrary ancient philosophies like Stoicism address questions pertinent to peoples life, primarily: How can we live a life worthy of living? How can I become a good person (‘arete’ in Greek)? How can I be happy (‘ataraxia’)?

In English, the term ‘stoic’ is often associated with the idea of being an emotionlessrobotic, a sort of Spock, or a long-suffering situation, “a lonely cow under the rain in the dark”.

However, a Stoic (capitol S) is nothing like. He/she is a person who pursues moral growth, to cultivate ‘virtues’ and practical wisdom.

The main Stoic books are: Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, Seneca’s Letters and Essays and Epictetus’ Enchiridion and Discourses.

All of these texts are part of the public domain and freely available ( ), other recommended books are listed here.

“Cambridge Stoics” is part of the Stoic Fellowship ( ), an international community whose aim is to foster the knowledge and practice of Stoicism through online and in-person activities throughout the world.

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  1. Hi Mattia,
    I’m organizing a Stoicon-x event in London on Saturday 12th October, once again in Senate House (location of Stoicon 2018 and Stoicon-x 2017). Everything is to be confirmed but I’d like to spread the message and if you or any of your group would like to be involved, please do get in touch.

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