UCL PhD thesis, Latex template

As March the 28th 2019, I will officially awarded with my PhD in the University College London (UCL).

While waiting for the thesis to be public available and downloadable I thought to share the LaTeX code I wrote it in.

A template is already present in the share latex website.

However, in my code is not only present the template with the UCL standards but also template of tables, figure and equation.

Last but not least, an example of the use of bibliography.

Hopefully, it will be easier and faster for you to write your thesis.

All needed files are present in my GitHub repository called UCL_PhD_Latex_template.

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How to use R to create Latex documents

At work I have been asked to create a R code that could automatic generate a Latex document.

This was great! Latex was the first language that I learnt and it has a special place in my nerd heart.

It is nice to see that is possible to work with R for Latex and create a PDF document that can change in relation to the input given to the code.

All the code is present in my GitHub repository: https://github.com/MattiaCinelli/fromRtoLatex

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How to do tables in Latex

Here reported the code for a simple table in $latex \LaTeX$:

\hline Rows  & Columns 1 & Column 2} \\
\hline Row 1 & Value 1,1 & Value 2,1 \\
\hline Row 2 & Value 1,2 & Value 2,2 \\
\hline Row 3 & Value 1,3 & Value 2,3 \\
\hline Row 4 & Value 1,4 & Value 2,4 \\ \hline
\caption[Short title for contains]{Description of table content}

We the command \begin{tabular} we position the table within the the float environment table at which we add the position between [] (h, t, b, etc).

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