How to do tables in Latex

Here reported the code for a simple table in $latex \LaTeX$:

\hline Rows  & Columns 1 & Column 2} \\
\hline Row 1 & Value 1,1 & Value 2,1 \\
\hline Row 2 & Value 1,2 & Value 2,2 \\
\hline Row 3 & Value 1,3 & Value 2,3 \\
\hline Row 4 & Value 1,4 & Value 2,4 \\ \hline
\caption[Short title for contains]{Description of table content}

We the command \begin{tabular} we position the table within the the float environment table at which we add the position between [] (h, t, b, etc).

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bar-plots using ggplot2

The package ggplot2 is one of the most powerful resource for plot making available in R.

Although, it has with quite a learning curve, that could be intimidating, it is definitely worth the effort.

In here I want to show a couple of the first bar plot I ever made with the ggplot2 package:

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