Stoicon 2019 Athens, Greece

On the 5 of September took place, in Athens, the 2019 Stoicon!
The word conference of Stoicism.

I have been so lucky that I was able to assist it for the second time after last year in London. This was actually the 5th Stoicon ever done. There were: London 2014 and 2015; New York 2016, Toronto 2017 and London 2018.

The next location for 2020, is still to be decided, although, I hope that after Athens, Rome will follow.

Athens is, of course, the perfect city for hosting a conference on an ancient Greek philosophy.

By walking its street and ruins you can have the sense that this was one of the most important birthplace of philosophy, democracy and in general the western civilisation. it has been a constant trill for me.

Besides, the city offers good food and its autumn weather was better of this year summer here in the UK!

The conference

This year conference was hosted in the Cotsen Hall of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.

The entrance of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Photo by M. CInelli
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