Keggle Challenge: Chest X-Ray Images (Pneumonia)

General Project Overview

In this Kaggle competition set of 5,863 chest X-ray images (anterior-posterior) were selected from retrospective cohorts of paediatric patients, between the age of one to five years old, in Guangzhou. All chest X-ray imaging was performed as part of the patient’s routine clinical care.

All chest radiographs were screened by two expert physicians for quality control and removing all low quality or unreadable scans.

In the picture below are show the three type of chest X-ray present in the database:

On the left-hand side it is present an image of a healthy individual with clear lungs and no areas of abnormal opacification. In the middle and right-hand side images are present a patient affected by bacterial and viral pneumonia respectively. The latter, presents a more diffuse ‘‘interstitial’’ pattern in both lungs. while the first typically exhibits a focal lobar consolidation, in this case in the right upper lobe (white arrows).

For this particular challenge we are requested to discern only healthy vs pneumonia affected chest X-ray.

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